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How To Make Flavored Cool Whip Frosting

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Indulge in great frosting magic, where a humble tub of Cool Whip becomes a creamy canvas awaiting a burst of flavor. Today, I am sharing how to craft a personalized Cool Whip frosting using instant pudding mixes. It’s an easy recipe to customize to suit your homemade frosting preference. 

Imagine this: a fresh batch of luscious pistachio cupcakes emerges from the oven, exuding a tantalizing aroma. They must be crowned with the perfect frosting, not just any frosting. We’re talking about Cool Whip frosting infused with the essence of your favorite flavors, courtesy of instant pudding. I prefer Jell-O instant pudding mixes because they work well with the other ingredients while not leaving a gritty mouthfeel.

Years ago, I stumbled upon a game-changing concoction while attempting to make something different for a cake filling. By melding instant pudding with Cool Whip, I concocted a dreamy filling boasting an unbeatable flavor. To alter the thickness of the recipe, I added heavy cream. It’s a creamy, slightly sweet, fluffy frosting or filling that takes or instead makes the cake!

Jell-O instant pudding is a culinary gem that empowers you to customize your Cool Whip frosting with an array of flavors limited only by their lineup. Whether you crave the zesty tang of lemon, the nutty richness of pistachio, or the indulgent sweetness of chocolate, instant pudding delivers.

Why You’ll Love This Recipe

​Versatility: This Cool Whip frosting recipe stands out for its versatility. With an extensive selection of instant pudding flavors, you can effortlessly tailor the frosting to complement any cupcake. Whether you yearn for something tangy, nutty, or chocolaty, there’s a flavor pairing to satisfy every palate.

Ease of Preparation: Say goodbye to complex recipes and specialized equipment! This frosting recipe is refreshingly simple, requiring just a handful of ingredients and minimal effort. Perfect for last-minute baking endeavors or impromptu celebrations, its customizable nature ensures a delectable outcome every time.

Creamy Texture and Irresistible Flavor: The harmonious blend of Cool Whip, instant pudding, and whipped cream yields a creamy frosting. Whether generously spread atop cupcakes or intricately piped into designs, this frosting adds a delightful finishing touch to any baked creation. With its smooth texture and irresistible taste, it’s bound to be a crowd-pleaser.

How to make this favorite frosting recipe

Standard buttercream frosting is made in a cold bowl to help the butter maintain the right consistency. In this frosting recipe, we use a room-temperature bowl because no butter is needed! However, I recommend using a large mixing bowl as it will prevent the mixture from splattering outside the bowl. You can use a stand or hand mixer for the frosting. I don’t recommend doing this by hand because when you incorporate the powdered pudding, you need to whip it to keep the blend from being gritty. Doing the mixing by hand will be tedious. 

The special ingredient in this recipe is the Jell-O instant pudding powder. It makes an easy, cool whip frosting that you can use on your next layer cake as a filling or frosting. The next time you reach for the frosting, I recommend this as a great alternative to regular store-bought. Its flavor is vastly different because it has both the pudding’s flavor base and Cool Whip’s flavor. 

​Once you’ve added the Cool Whip and the pudding powder to the bowl, mix it with the mixer set to medium. You will discover that the Cool Whip is thicker due to the pudding, so we are adding in the heavy cream. I used 35% heavy cream, whipping cream, here in Canada. 

The outcome of blending in the heavy cream is light and creamy. It’s subtly sweet as its only sugars are from the pudding base and the Cool Whip. If you want a firmer frosting or desire a higher sweetness, add icing sugar. Remember, when you add the dry icing sugar, your fluffy cool whip frosting will become stiffer. The more sugar added, the stiffer it will be. Thicker frostings are great for decorating the outside of layer cakes. Softer Cool Whip frosting is excellent for sheet cakes or cupcakes where light and airy is preferred. 

You can use this frosting to fill all your favorite desserts, too. Imagine creme puffs filled with a luscious Cool Whip-flavored frosting. It’s also a great way to top a stack of pancakes in the morning for a special occasion. If you can, use regular Cool Whip topping on the dessert. In that case, you can also use this pudding-infused version as another great option. 

Satisfy the sweet tooth in your life with a delicious chocolate, vanilla, pistachio, or lemon-flavored East frosting. 


Cool Whip: This light and fluffy whipped topping serves as the base of our frosting. Its airy texture provides the perfect foundation for incorporating flavor and achieving a smooth consistency.

Instant Pudding Mix: Instant pudding mix is the flavor powerhouse of our frosting. Whether it’s lemon, pistachio, or chocolate, the Jell-O instant pudding infuses the Cool Whip with its distinct flavor profile, creating a delicious and versatile frosting.

Optional* Icing Sugar: Also known as powdered sugar, icing sugar adds sweetness to the frosting while helping to stabilize it. It contributes to the smooth texture and helps the frosting hold its shape when piped onto cupcakes.

Whipped Cream: Adding whipped cream to the frosting enhances its creaminess and richness. It also helps to lighten the texture of the frosting, making it easier to spread or pipe onto cupcakes.

topping cupcakes with pistachio cool whip frosting

Substitutions and Add-ins for Your Frosting:

Cool Whip: Experiment with different brands of whipped topping, including generic brands of Cool Whip available at the grocery store. Also lite cool whip frosting works if you need a lower-fat option. 

Instant Pudding Mix: Try unique flavor combinations by mixing different flavors of instant pudding mix into this easy frosting recipe. 

Icing Sugar: Adjust the sweetness of your frosting by varying the amount of powdered sugar used in the recipe.

Whipped Cream: Swap heavy whipping cream for an alternative if you want a lighter option. Regular milk will also work okay too.

Expert Tips, Serving, and Storing Suggestions:

​Tip #1: Room Temperature Ingredients: Ensure all ingredients are at room temperature before mixing to achieve a smooth and creamy frosting texture.

Tip #2: Proper Storage: Store leftover frosting in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to three days. Before use, allow it to reach room temperature and give it a quick stir for optimal consistency.

Tip #3: Frosting Techniques: When frosting cupcakes, use a piping bag for a professional finish. Start from the outer edge and swirl towards the center for visually stunning treats.

With these expert tips and serving suggestions, you’re equipped to create stunning cupcakes adorned with delectable Cool Whip frosting. This recipe promises to delight, whether for a special occasion or a spontaneous indulgence. Happy baking!

This recipe promises to delight, whether for a special occasion or a spontaneous indulgence. Try our Chocolate Velvet Cupcakes with Lemon Whip Frosting or our Pistachio Cupcakes with Cool Whip Pistachio Frosting for a sweet treat idea!

Have you tried making flavored Cool Whip frosting? We would love to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment below the recipe card. We love hearing from you, our readers.

_Pistachio Cupcakes with Cool Whip Frosting

How To Make Cool Whip Frosting

Amber Bondar
This easy Cool Whip frosting recipe is fully customizable with different flavors of Jell-O instant pudding powder. You can increase or decrease both its sweetness and its stiffness. Serving as both a fluffy decorator icing and flavored cake filling custard alternative. Super yummy always loved this easy recipe whips up in minutes.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Course Dessert
Cuisine American, Canadian


  • 1 Large Mixing Bowl
  • 1 measuring cup
  • 1 Electric Mixer


  • 1 Tub Cool Whip Frosting 1L or 4 Cups
  • 1 Box Jell-O Instant Pudding Mix
  • ½ Cup Heavy Cream Add more to thin the icing
  • *Optional Icing Sugar Confectioners Sugar


  • In a large mixing bowl measure the Cool Whip and add the pudding powder.
  • Mix with electric mixer on medium speed for two minutes.
  • Add the heavy cream and mix until the frosting is no longer grainy.
  • *Optional add icing sugar to increase sweetness and/or make the frosting stiffer depending on what use you will use it. (start by adding ½ cup at a time beating well after each addition)
  • Chill the Cool Whip frosting covered in airtight container.
  • Frosting is best used right away and does not freeze.
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