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chunky potato leek bacon soup
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Potato Leek Bacon Soup An Easy Lunch Or Dinner

Cooks in 25 minutes Difficulty Easy

This chunky potato leek bacon soup is a leisurely lunch or dinner recipe everyone loves. Simple pantry ingredients combine to make a flavorful soup naturally thickened with pureed goodness. Leeks infuse a deep and delicious flavor in this lighter cream soup. It’s a perfect light dinner all on its own. […]

carrot orange ginger soup
Soups and Stews

Easy Carrot Orange Ginger Soup

Cooks in 26 Minutes Difficulty Easy

This warming, easy carrot orange ginger soup is perfect for cooler fall days. Sip on this smooth, pureed soup with sweet carrots and fresh ginger. The soup makes for an ideal lunch at school or work and fills you with nutritious, fresh ingredients with a lovely, full-bodied flavor. Country farmers […]

Middle Eastern Lamb Stew From Leftover Lamb Shank
Leftovers, Meats, Soups and Stews

Lamb Stew From Leftover Lamb Shank With Middle Eastern Flavor

Cooks in 1 Hour 30 Minutes Difficulty Easy

This hearty Middle Eastern flavored lamb stew is made from a slow-roasted leftover lamb shank. It’s delicious with chickpeas, spinach, and tomato, all in a lamb broth made from rendering the bone down. Added spices like coriander, cumin, cinnamon, cloves, and turmeric to bring the whole bowl of lamb stew […]