hot roast beef sandwich
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The Ultimate Hot Roast Beef Sandwich From Leftovers


The hot roast beef sandwich is the king of every diner and if you’ve ever had one you know how delicious that hot gravy is on the beef. Generally served up with a side of fries, our home version of a hot roast beef sandwich with gravy uses up those cold leftover potatoes and carrots that weren’t eaten the night before.

When you look at that cold, slow cooked roast beef sitting in its congealed juices, you may think “how on Earth is this going to possibly become something tasty?” The roast beef looks dried out and the white solidified grease is cringeworthy



Let’s Get This Leftover Hot Roast Beef Sandwich Ready!

Start by thinly slicing the roast beef. You will then separate the vegetables as much as possible from the solidified jus, and roast beef, add them to a hot pan. Add to the heated jus a cup of beef stock. Allow it to reach a full boil.

After blending the cornstarch with the cold water until well blended, you can slowly add the mixture to heated jus/broth. As the cornstarch mixture hits the heated broth/jus it will begin to cook, so stirring constantly is key to avoid cornstarch lumps.




Stir this liquid roast beef gravy gold until well blended. Reduce your stove temp to simmer. Is your mouth watering yet? I know mine is!



Take the heated roast beef out of pan and assemble the hot sandwich. Spoon just enough gravy over top of sandwich to leave enough for other sandwiches. Or drench in gravy depending on if someone really likes their gravy—you know who you are.

Put the hot vegetables on the plate next to the sandwich and enjoy your meal. This one is super filling lunch so it’s a good time to plan for a lighter dinner later. Also this recipe is perfect if you have a hungry person bumping around the house due to seasonal layoffs ahem…the guys.


Your Questions Answered:


What if I don’t have leftover jus?

You can use store bought gravy for your roast beef sandwich but it will be a little less tasty.


Can I use bread other than white for this sandwich?

Yes definitely use a bread though that is soft. The classic hot roast beef sandwich absorbs the gravy making it a melt in your mouth treat. Bread like sourdough is going to be too dry and not have that same melty quality.


How much roast beef should be in each sandwich?

It’s really up to personal taste. Myself I like just enough to cover the bread. If you have a big beef eater in your home though they may wish a little more.


My gravy is watery what’s wrong?

If you’re gravy hasn’t thickened up sufficiently then you can add a bit more cornstarch to it. Just remember to mix it with a little of the juices or cold water. If you put it in directly you are going to end up with unpleasant lumps of starch.


I forgot about the roast in my fridge for a few days. How long does roast beef keep in the fridge?

Okay so we’ve all been there. Forgetful of what’s in the fridge from time to time. So long as your beef has been keep wrapped it should be good for up to four days. Beyond that and it’s getting into risky business.


Can I do this idea with other meat like pork roast?

Sure! Experiment with the meats you have on hand. That’s the nice part of cookery you’re not forced to do it just one way.

hot roast beef sandwich

Hot Roast Beef Sandwich

Amber Bondar
A delicious use for your leftover roast and vegetables. Rich brown gravy drenched hot diner style sandwich. So good you'll want to make sure you've got extra leftovers!
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Cuisine American, Canadian
Servings 4 people


  • 2 frying pans I use non-stick all the time.


  • thinly sliced cold roast beef cut on cross grain
  • all the leftover jus
  • 1 cup beef broth
  • 2 tbsp cornstarch
  • 1/4 cup cold water
  • 8 slices bread white is the traditional choice
  • leftover vegetables


  • Slice your cold roast beef thinly on the cross grain.
  • Separate any vegetables from the jus left and add the jus to a hot fry pan.
  • Heat the jus thoroughly. Add the beef stock to the jus and mix thoroughly.
  • While the stock/jus blend is heating up mix the cornstarch into the water. Blend well.
  • Add the cornstarch blend to the pan slowly. You will note the cornstarch blend is cooking/thickening the just blend. Use only as much as needed to thicken your gravy.
  • Turn the heat in the pan down and lay the beef slices onto the gravy to heat through.
  • Optional: While the beef is heating use another fry pan to heat the remaining cold vegetables.
  • Once the vegetables are heated assemble the beef sandwiches.
  • One piece of bread on the bottom, lay beef on top of the bread, top with another slice of bread.
  • Spoon the gravy from the pan of beef on top of the sandwich.
  • Add a scoop of heated vegetables on the side and serve.

Special Notes:

  • For the bread to hold up to the gravy stale bread or a drier sourdough, rye, pumpkernickle bread would be suitable. For the traditional soft diner style hot gravy sandwich a simple white bread will suffice.
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