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blueberry lemon cheesecake muffins with cream cheese baking chips cooling on grey wire baking rack
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Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake Muffins

Cooks in 30 Minutes Difficulty Easy

Lemon and blueberry are a classic flavor pairing; these cheesecake-rich muffins are out of this world! These blueberry muffins are magic that people will clamor over each other for. Each soft blueberry-packed muffin is made with a cheesecake batter base of whipped cream cheese and vanilla Greek yogurt. Moist and […]

featured image for the vintage baking recipe
Breakfast Recipes, Sweet Recipes, Vintage Meets Modern Recipes

Easy Vintage Blueberry Lemon Crumble Squares.

Cooks in 45 Minutes Difficulty Easy

This irresistible recipe for vintage blueberry crumble squares features vibrant blueberries and zesty lemon zest, which bursts with the freshness of ripe berries. The recipe’s simplicity reminds us of a simpler time when homemade treats were crafted with care and wholesome ingredients. These vintage lemon blueberry crumble squares are the […]

from above the frittata feature image
Breakfast Recipes

Wild Lambsquarter Feta Frittata With Sun-Dried Tomato

Cooks in 15 Minutes Difficulty Medium

This wild lambsquarter feta frittata with sun-dried tomatoes makes a great breakfast, brunch, or light dinner. The salty creaminess of melted feta cheese is a welcome addition to this hearty egg dish, while the tangy sun-dried tomato brings a bit of the Mediterranean. Overall, it’s a great way to enjoy […]

cover image breakfast pastry with egg and bacon
Breakfast Recipes, Leftovers

Easy Air Fryer Breakfast Pockets With Leftover Pastry.

Cooks in 20 Minutes Difficulty Easy

This easy air fryer breakfast pocket makes excellent use of leftover pastry. Whether you have pie crust leftovers or a more specific pastry like our Jamaican patty pastry, you can create a delicious, easy breakfast pocket. Start your day off with classic egg and bacon pockets with gooey cheese right […]