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Easy Ninja Creami Blue Raspberry Ice Cream With Kool-Aid.

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Get ready for a refreshing burst of flavor with our Ninja Creami Blue Raspberry Ice Cream recipe. This delightful treat combines blue raspberry’s tart sweetness with homemade ice cream’s creamy richness. This recipe is easy to customize, thanks to sweetened Kool-Aid powder. Whether catering to kids’ taste buds or simply seeking a playful twist on a classic dessert, this fun ice cream flavor make in the Ninja Creami ice cream maker is a must-try this summer. 

When my eldest asked me to help them invent a new blue raspberry ice cream, I admit I was a little daunted. It was one of the trickiest ice cream flavors we have made. We tried other flavorings and drink crystals before settling on the Kool-Aid version. It’s a delicious Ninja Creami must-try recipe for a hot summer day. The crystal powder mix keeps the base soft enough to scoop it from the container. However, if you want a genuinely luscious soft ice cream, mix away! It’s a perfect pale blue ice cream to scoop into an ice cream cone on a hot summer day. 

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Why You Will Love This Blue Raspberry Ice Cream

Fruity Flavor. Whether you’re a fan of fruity flavors or simply craving a delightful explosion of nostalgic flavor with every spoonful, our Blue Raspberry Ice Cream bursts with a vibrant, tangy taste.

Customizable. The best part is that this recipe becomes incredibly customizable because of the use of sweetened Kool-Aid powder. Adjust the intensity of the blue raspberry flavor to suit your preferences, making it sweeter or more tangy as desired. You can also experiment with different flavors of Kool-Aid drink mix instead of the blue raspberry flavor.

Fun Summer Treat. It’s not just a treat; it’s a perfect way to escape from the heat, a moment of pure indulgence.  Whether hosting a backyard barbecue, lounging by the pool, or simply seeking a sweet reprieve, this ice cream is a favorite summer treat. Scoop up some pale blue ice cream for your kid’s next summer birthday party to offer a fun new twist to cake and ice cream.

Let’s Get Started With The Blue Raspberry Ice Cream.

If this is your first time making an ice cream base recipe for the Ninja Creami, be sure to follow all the steps to the letter. We are using simple ingredients, but mixing properly is key to a creamy ice cream result. 

Begin by softening the cream cheese in the microwave for ten seconds. It’s the easy way to get it to blend seamlessly with the Kool-Aid powder, which, as you may have guessed, is step two. Measure the Kool-Aid drink mix into a mixing bowl with the cream cheese and work it until the powder has been completely blended with the cheese. Note: If you don’t have a microwave, room-temperature cream cheese will be fine; it may just take a little extra work mixing.

Next, you will start adding the heavy cream. Start with just a little and continue to blend well after each addition of cream. You can use an mixer or blender to finish the work when most of the cream has been added. Or, if you don’t have one, a simple whisk will work. It’s essential to ensure the Kool-Aid crystals dissolve before freezing, so keep mixing, mixing, mixing. When the crystals have dissolved, you may add the 2% milk. You can pour the ice cream base directly into the Ninja Creami pint container. 

You can top it up with more than 2% milk if there is extra room. Put the lid on the container and pop it in the cold freezer, keeping it level. 

As per the manufacturer’s directions, we will let this mixture freeze for a minimum of 24 hours. The mix is soft enough to scoop right out of the Ninja pint container; however, if you would like it extra creamy, run it through the ice cream cycle on the machine once. 

If you are adding add-ins, you may wish to forgo the first spin and go straight to the mix-in, as the ice cream is workable right away. Simply dig out a hole in the center of the ice cream and add whatever fruit or candy you wish to mix in. Set the deluxe Creami to the mix-in cycle and wait for the magic!

Alternatively, you can turn this blue raspberry ice cream into a delicious DQ Freezes style milkshake using the milkshake setting after scooping the ice cream into a new pint with a bit of additional milk. Yummy! 

This creamy ice cream is so simple that you will want to make blue raspberry ice cream all summer. Add this recipe to your Ninja Creami Ice Cream Recipes when the kids play outside this summer. They will adore its refreshing tart flavor. 


Cream Cheese:  This soft cheese adds a richness while thickening the ice cream base. It also imparting a subtle cheesecake flavor that complements the fruity flavor of the blue raspberry Kool-Aid mix.

Blue Raspberry Kool-Aid Drink Mix: The powder mix infuses the ice cream base with its vibrant color and tart-sweet flavor, creating a refreshing and nostalgic taste experience reminiscent of childhood summers.

18% Cream: The manufacturer generally asks for heavy cream, which in Canada is 35% cream. This can leave a greasy mouthfeel after having a bit of ice cream—not so pleasant—but the reduced-fat 18% cream does not, making it a replacement.

2% Milk: This lower-fat milk helps balance the richness of the cream cheese and cream, providing a lighter texture while still offering enough fat content to ensure a creamy finish.

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Substitutions And Add-Ins For This Tasty Ninja Creami Ice Cream Recipe:

Cream Cheese: Swap out cream cheese with cottage cheese for a different texture, or use Greek yogurt for a tangy twist with a lighter consistency.

Blue Raspberry Kool-Aid Drink Mix: Kool-Aid offers crystal drink mixes in various flavors that you can try at home. Choose from grape, lime, cherry, orange, or even that childhood classic Sharkleberry Fin!

18% Cream: If you prefer to use a lower-fat cream or milk product, remember that the lower the fat, the more ice crystals will form.

2% Milk: You can also make this ice cream with a non-dairy milk alternative. Or, if you wish it to be richer, use whole milk instead. 

Add-in ideas for the blue raspberry-flavored ice cream include cut-up Blue Whales, cotton candy, Airheads blue raspberry taffy bar, or other blue raspberry-flavored treats. If candy isn’t your thing, try adding some fresh fruit, like tangy bits of lemon segment for a more sour ice cream or wild blueberry for a lemon/blueberry flavor combination. Whatever you add to the ice cream is sure to make this a delicious summer treat the kids will go nuts for! 

Expert Tips, Serving And Storing Suggestions For This Delicious Treat:

Tip #1: Mix Well: Thoroughly mix the cream, milk, Kool-Aid powder, and cream cheese until well combined to achieve a creamy consistency. Paying careful attention to the drink crystals. You want them to dissolve fully.

Tip #2: Proper Freezing: Ensure the ice cream base is completely frozen before using the Ninja Creami machine. To achieve the best results, allow at least 24 hours for freezing.

Tip #3: Leftover Ice Cream: Repurpose any leftover ice cream into delicious milkshakes for a refreshing treat.

What better way to cool off than to indulge in the ultimate summer delight with your Blue Raspberry Ice Cream. Whether enjoyed solo or as a delightful accompaniment to your favorite dessert recipes, this creamy treat will become your new go-to dessert.

After making this soft and creamy Blue Raspberry ice cream, store remaining ice cream in an airtight container in the freezer. Unlike other Ninja ice creams, this softer variation doesn’t require a re-spin after freezing. Ensure the pint container is tightly sealed to maintain its luscious texture and fruity flavor for future indulgence.

Follow along as we make more delicious recipes for your empty Creami pints. Next, we turn vanilla ice cream into creamy cherry pie ice cream! If you’re seeking even more inspiration, why not join a Ninja Creami community on Facebook? You can try all the tastiest ice cream inventions by other Ninja Creami owners. It’s a great way to learn from their mistakes and save a few ingredients along the way. 

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If you’ve tried this delicious Blue Raspberry Ice Cream recipe or have any questions, we’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below to share your thoughts and experiences with us. Your feedback is invaluable as we create and share more mouthwatering recipes.

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Easy Blue Raspberry Ninja Creami Ice Cream With Kool-Aid

Amber Bondar
This super easy blue raspberry ice cream for the Ninja Creami is made with Kool-Aid powder. The tangy blue homemade ice cream is a refreshing summer treat for kids young and old. Scoop this softer ice cream into a cone to enjoy on a hot summer day. Best of all you can easily use this ice cream base to customize with other Kool-Aid flavors!
Prep Time 1 day
Course Dessert
Cuisine American, Canadian
Servings 4


  • measuring cup
  • mixing bowl
  • Whisk Or Immersion Blender
  • Ninja Creami Pint Container
  • Ninja Creami (Deluxe) Machine


  • ¼ Cup Cream Cheese Softened
  • ¾ Cup Blue Raspberry Kool-Aid Powdered Drink Mix With Sugar
  • 1 Cup 18% Cream
  • 1 Cup 2% Milk Plus Enough To Fill To Max Fill Line


  • In a small bowl soften the cream cheese in a microwave for 10 seconds.
  • Add the Kool-Aid drink mix powder and blend adding a little cream to make it easier to work.
  • Continue to add the 18% cream until the Kool-Aid drink crystals are dissolved.
  • Add the 2% milk to the ice cream base.
  • Whisk well and then pour into the Ninja Creami pint container and cover before freezing.
  • Freeze mixture for full 24hrs.
  • Remove pint from freezer and scrap down any lump or bump on surface so its level.
  • Process as per manufacturers instructions.
  • This ice cream is soft enough to scoop right away but gets even creamier when mixed.
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