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Welcome to A Cents For Cookery: Real Food To Feed Your Family Now


We live in a world filled with food. Food brings people together and fills our bellies, making us happy. It can bring comfort, love, and friendship. Food is a language everyone speaks.

A Cents for Cookery is here to bring you vintage inspired real food recipes for your modern plates. We strive to use all those curious leftovers you have and teach you both old and new terms about cooking.

We’ve all started somewhere in the kitchen, whether it was scrounging for a bowl of cereal or making something as simple as a sandwich. We want to be your go-to learning resource, with real food that tastes delicious and fills your stomach.

My first years in the kitchen were spent watching mom from my not-so-comfortable counter seat as she worked to prepare real food for us. Her farm upbringing as the oldest of four sisters taught her how to make quick, satisfying food. It wasn’t fancy, but it was sure to fill you up.

Growing up off the grid, as I did, we didn’t have as many snacks in between meals as other families. Dessert was a special treat, and food was there to keep us healthy and not hungry.

My mother always made the holidays extra special by preparing her special, mouth-watering recipes. She cooked all of these meals on our wood stove, with a wood stove oven. I am still in awe of the amount of work she did, from planting to harvesting to storage to putting food on the table. It gave me an appreciation for how much work was involved in the kitchen while watching mom.

It was the early 80s, and I learned how to make simple things like toast for myself on the old woodstove. I still remember the charred flavour of bread that’s been made on a wood stove. It was so amazing when we finally got a toaster for me. Toast miraculously had a different flavour, even though it was still just a slice of toast.

I knew how to make cake by seven and won ribbons at the local fall fair. I learned and absorbed so much of those cookery skills from my mother that it has helped me raise my own two children through some tougher times.

It’s now 2023, food prices are soaring, and people are learning to cut back more and more. I felt it was the perfect time to bring you old, vintage recipes with a bit of modernity. So some recipes will be easy and inexpensive, while others might be a bit more luxurious. All of them will be incredibly tasty!

While things like leg of lamb may have been readily accessible to those living near farms in the early 1900s, they are more expensive now as agriculture has advanced and the cost of animal feed has as well. So I am forgoing recipes that will break the bank; after all, good food shouldn’t have to eat up all your budget.

I am here with my crew to bring you some real food to feed your family, with a vintage feel and a touch of creativity. Let’s stretch our food dollars and eat well while doing it.

Check out our glossary of cookery terms, where we will add vintage terms you may come across in older cook books too. We will be expanding on it as we can.

Learn to take those oddities in your cupboard and make them sing to your palate. Take your shopping to the next level with frugal shopping tips. Learn how to create a staple pantry for yourself and so much more here at A Cents For Cookery.

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