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salsa egg breakfast burrito on wood cutting board
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Salsa Eggs Easy Breakfast Burrito With Hot Sauce

This hot sauce salsa eggs breakfast burrito is a super quick and easy breakfast idea. Additionally this easy to whip up hot sauce salsa egg burrito is a spicy food lovers dream breakfast! My daughter invented this tasty breakfast salsa egg burrito recipe as she loves to work her culinary […]

spoon in ice cream raspberry white chocolate chip brownie dessert
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Raspberry & White Chocolate Chips In A Brownie Dessert

Raspberry and white chocolate chips in brownies is a sweet after-dinner dessert recipe. Raspberry pie filling and white chocolate chips in a butterscotch brownie base are a perfect taste pairing. The pie filling bakes into the brownie base and has an ooey, gooey, sweet summer flavour with a tartness that […]

chocolate cupcake lemon whip frosting
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Amazing Chocolate Velvet Cupcakes With Lemon Whip Frosting

The deep chocolate flavor and a velvety crumb make these delicious chocolate velvet cupcakes irresistible! Additionally the smooth creamy lemon whip frosting brings a sweet infusion of bright lemon flavor to the chocolate cupcake base. It’s a winning combination! The chocolate velvet cupcake gets it’s velvety texture from the addition […]

fried egg peameal bacon glass of milk spoon fork
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How to Make Delicious Mashed Potato Egg Nests

Elevate your breakfast from a dull chore to an exciting meal with delicious mashed potato egg nests. We’re sharing a new inventive way to serve breakfast! Why make a standard breakfast of just eggs and toast? At times coming up with new ways to reinvent the old standby’s makes meal […]