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Easy Sweet Rhubarb Raspberry (Jello) Muffins

Easy sweet rhubarb raspberry jello muffins have the perfect spongy texture with a strong raspberry flavor from the jello. Every bite allow you to experience the tart from the rhubarb and the sweetness from the raspberry jello making this flavor combination a winner in our books. The muffins are lightly […]

faux crab seafood salad
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Easy Faux Crab Salad

This easy faux crab salad is a great make-ahead recipe. Adding salty capers and dijon brings a spritely zip to the dressing. If you make it ahead and leave it to marinate in the dressing overnight, the flavors deepen even more. Make this for an excellent surf and turf side […]

Taro blue pea flower pinwheel cookies
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Pinwheel Taro & Blue Pea Flower Tea Time Cookies

  These fun colorful pinwheel cookies are made with Taro and Blue Pea Flower. For a tea time cookie that makes a flavorful and unique pinwheel choice. These cookies still have the familiar buttery shortbread flavor but a bit of that vanilla flavor from the Taro powder as well. When […]

double chocolate lemon cookies
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Double Chocolate Cookies With Lemon

These double chocolate cookies have a surprisingly lemony complex flavor profile. The lemon zest in the chocolate cookies is magic! Of course, I may be biased as my son, and I created this recipe together. You will love the deep chocolate flavor of these cookies accented by the semi-sweet chocolate […]