Author: Amber Bondar

spoon in ice cream raspberry white chocolate chip brownie dessert
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Raspberry & White Chocolate Chips In A Brownie Dessert

Raspberry and white chocolate chips in brownies is a sweet after-dinner dessert recipe. Raspberry pie filling and white chocolate chips in a butterscotch brownie base are a perfect taste pairing. The pie filling bakes into the brownie base and has an ooey, gooey, sweet summer flavour with a tartness that […]

cooked vegetarian lasagna
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The Best Vegetarian Lasagna With Red Lentils

In this vegetarian lasagna I am using red lentils. The red lentils cook much faster than green or brown lentils so we can add them in uncooked. Which let’s face it is nice to speed up dinner making. The hearty vegetarian lasagna is one of my daughter’s favorite meals as […]

salsa egg breakfast burrito on wood cutting board
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Salsa Eggs Easy Breakfast Burrito With Hot Sauce

This hot sauce salsa eggs breakfast burrito is a super quick and easy breakfast idea. Additionally this easy to whip up hot sauce salsa egg burrito is a spicy food lovers dream breakfast! My daughter invented this tasty breakfast salsa egg burrito recipe as she loves to work her culinary […]